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SG Hascan vom Adelmannsfelder Land
2006 Westfalen LGA Sieger with 292 points (A: 97 B: 97 C: 98)
2006 BSP 20th Place with 280 points (A: 97, B: 96, C: 87)
1 of 4 dogs in the 2006 BSP to have a V score in Obedience
Videos from 2006 Westfalen LGA
512 kbps Escape Rear Transport Courage Test
3 mbps Escape Rear Transport Courage Test
AWDF Tracking Obedience Protection

2 MB Quicktime Movie of Hascan

Hascan's Littermate V Heck vom Adelmannsfelder Land
2 X BSP, a-normal hips, KKL1

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